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Construction Camera Technology Review and Comparison

Whether you need to verify if a subcontractor has showed up, material has been delivered, or if a construction trade is completed, travel to a construction site can either be too expensive or simply not feasible. Construction cameras are a great way for you to keep an eye on your project without having to actually be there. There are numerous ways to acquire construction cameras, ranging from setting one up yourself, to leasing construction camera services. In addition, there are numerous types of cameras ranging from high-resolution snap shot images to live HD video.

When looking for a construction camera system for your project, there are several important features to look for and its important to know the limits of your company's IT staff before selecting a vendor. The worst thing you can do is buy expensive video equipment only to learn that the equipment is too complicated to be maintained by your staff or that the equipment fails to meet your needs. Construction companies, whether they are general contractors or trade subcontractors, often have limited IT staff and are better off leasing from a full service construction camera vendor offering turn key installation and maintenance of either mobile or fixed camera systems. The following construction camera review summarizes the construction camera features and capabilities you should look for when leasing or buying equipment for your future construction jobs. In addition, a list of popular construction camera vendors including ePlanIt and OnSiteView are compared using key features, service types and price (as of the date of this article).


Key Construction Camera Features:

The very best construction cameras have the following features:

  • Real-time, high definition video - Seeing your jobsite with High definitional quality imagery in real time is ideal.
  • 4G Wireless Camera Connection - real-time video or high resolution images require that your camera be connected to a high speed wireless connection. LTE or 4G are the best!
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom - having the ability to survey the entire jobsite requires that your camera offer Pan/tilt/zoom capabilities.
  • Mobile Platform - moving your camera as your construction site develops or as job priorities change is a must in many situations. Construction cameras mounted to a mobile trailer are perfect for most construction sites.
  • Solar Powered - Most jobsites do not have reliable power.  Construction cameras mounted to a mobile trailer, complete with solar power offers the greatest flexibility.
  • Telescoping Platform - Having the ability to raise your construction camera up by 30 feet is very useful in most construction situations where obstructions are common.
  • Lease Option with Full Support - Turn key camera leasing services are perfect options for most companies who have limited IT staff.

The information shown on this page is the result of a study done by a third party organization. Actual prices for your project or area may vary. Please contact each vendor in order to determine the actual price.

Competitors have asked to have their Names be removed from this comparison.  They submitted their pricing to a third party comparison firm but later requested to not be included.  Please contact companies directly to request a quote.

Construction Camera Features Comparison
Features: ePlanIt
Company 1 Company 2
Company 3
Lease Option Y N Y Y
Purchase Option Y Y Y Y
4G/3G Wireless Y Y Y Y
HD Camera Y Y Y Y
Video Recording Y N N N
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Y Y Y Y
Offer Mobile Trailer System Y N N N
Offer Solar Powered Y Y N Y
Multiple Presets Y Y Y Y
Time-Lapse Video Optional Optional Optional Optional
Price: Lease   Purchase Lease Purchase Lease Purchase Lease Purchase
110AC Camera Unit  $525.00  $3,995.00 N/A  $4,745.00  $695.00 $3,895.00  $660.00  $4,020.00 
Solar/Battery Powered Fixed Unit $795.00  $7,995.00  N/A  $11,040.00 N/A N/A  $995.00 $8,407.00 
 Solar/Battery Powered Mobile Unit  $1,040.00 $20,995.00  N/A N/A N/A   N/A  N/A N/A 

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